QR Code

Follow our instructions for QR code access. It’s the easiest way to download or share your photos with your loved ones.

Check the QR code on the deposit screen.
If you don’t check the QR code, please be aware that you cannot receive photos/video transmission!

The QR code photo/video transfer page can be sent up to 3 days after printing.

Scan the QR code at the bottom right of the printed photo.
* For the iPhone, you must access the default camera app connected to Safari to download the video.

QR CODE Scan Application

  • Default Camera
  • Various QR Code Scan Application

How to use # ios

Click Download and select Images / Videos in the top right download item button.
Click the Share button at the bottom and press the Save Image/Video button to save it.

How to use # Android

Click the Download Photos/Video button on the screen.

This information is applicable when you are using the QR code

  • QR code will be removed automatically after 3 days from the date of shooting.
  • The photo data is secured on our server, and it can only be accessed by the designated person.

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